I do guarantee that your data will be treated confidentially.

Please use the e-mail below to contact me for e-mail contact:

- Include a short description of yourself
- Include date, time and hotel were you wish to meet me
- Please understand that I will not answer any kind of raunchy or explicit e-mails
- Please understand that I will not answer e-mails which intend to negotiate my rates


Call or Text  my Agency  (+351) 913.462.904

A professional business woman, I don't waste time or play games.

My rates are not open for discussion. I feel my packages suit the type of friends I prefer entertaining. If you feel my rates are not in your budget, that's understandable. Please seek out another companion. We'll have plenty of time to make light conversation, flirt, etc. Be sure to always have the gift in an envelope before you arrive. Do not ever hand me the gift directly. Cancellations/Changes:

I keep an updated schedule on my web site, and This way my friends know when to expect me in their area. Also, it gives everyone ample time to adjust their schedules and plan accordingly. If for whatever reason you need to alter/cancel our appointment, please read on:

All changes in regards to appointments should be handled within 48 hours or more before our scheduled meeting.

The only time I will cancel our appointment is due to a late flight, illness, or you could not be verified.

If there was a deposit involved, I'll fully refund any monies owned if I'm the one who cancels.


Please don't use me as a personal reference when you contact other ladies. However, I am more than happy to give you an OK on P411, a recommendation with Date-Check, or White List you through TER. Thanks for your understanding.

Fulfill your fantasies

I will love to fulfill your fantasies with another sexy model, and especially love sharing beautiful memories with couples.

Stylish and modern

i like to dress in a very stylish and modern way that suits me, and I love ultra-sexy high heels above all things.

Sensual fantasies

“I enjoy life in its exuberance. There is no pleasure I would refuse myself so fulfilling my more sensual fantasies is a drive I can’t resist